Risk Aware Consensual Kindle

First comes the vanilla playthrough. Then come the mods.

Kinky, sexy, NSFW mods. Enough to turn the entire game into his own personal fetish playground.

Mods don’t always play nice with each other, however. Or with the vanilla game. Especially in full-immersion VR.

WARNING: This book contains mature themes, explicit adult content, satire, LitRPG humor, Amazons, gamer snark, more Amazons, bondage, discipline, Femdom, sex spiders (yes, they will have sex with you), tentacles, chastity crabs, still more Amazons, and other shit that should really be tagged.


Shopping List: An FLR Lark

Charles Jenkins has dreamed of being in a female-led relationship for most of his adult life and for all of his marriage, only the female he wants to lead him has shown no interest in taking charge. Until today.

Pamela, his wife, is finally willing to give the idea a try, and Charles sees a bright future of kinky sex, teasing, and pseudo-denial. Her desires are a far cry from her husband’s, however, and fantasy collides with reality when she orders him ... to do their weekly grocery shopping.

Can Charles sublimate this mundane task into a fetish-fueled adventure? Will Pamela be pleased enough to continue their experiment? Eggs, milk, butter, bondage!


Succubus 2.0 (and Other Femdom Mind-Control Short Shorts)

A forgotten marriage. A mind for the taking. A pleasurebot that brings about the fall of civilization. Fifteen short-short tales of femdom mind control and hypnosis.


Non-Negotiable (Lisbeth's Property)

A would-be submissive just out of college, Aaron haunts his new city’s dungeons and playspaces, hoping to find that one dominant woman while still fighting his own shyness and inexperience. Fixating his hopes on the role-playing Lisabeth—who may or may not be named Lisabeth, and who may or may not be role playing—Aaron faces down his insecurities and introduces himself.