Thursday, April 20, 2017

Coffee, Kink, and Aeroflot

This morning started like most others. The alarm beeped. I stumbled downstairs. The coffee maker started with the push of a button, and I opened the BBC News app on my phone while I waited and tried to focus, because I still refuse to get bifocals. Only this morning, instead of the latest signposts on our alleged road to the supposed End of All Things, something else caught my eye.

Russia’s Aeroflot Airline Accused of ‘Sex Discrimination’” the headline read

Truthfully, though, the photo of several extremely attractive flight attendants was what really caught my eye.

I’m a problematic man, I know.

Then again, before that first coffee, I never really do much more than skim anyway. And standing there, waiting for that first coffee and for my wife’s tea to be ready, my kinkster mind quickly went off on a well-worn tangent featuring dominant flight attendants, seats with extra restraints (that must be worn at all times), and several United Airlines jokes I refuse to repeat here.

I used to love flying, back in the days before consistently overbooked flights, little or no legroom, and most especially, the TSA. You know, back when airlines and the FAA trusted passengers with actual silverware. And when passengers didn’t travel in pajamas.

And on my fantasy version of Aeroflot, which exists only in my kink-addled brain, I still do—even if those flights never quite go “smoothly” for me, either.

BBC News, Aeroflot, and kink. Some mornings just turnout that way...

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  1. You just reminded me that I have to be paranoid today about whether the TSA will notice that strange looking chunk of steel in my carry on bag this afternoon. If they decide to open my bag, how do I explain that it's just a cock cage and no threat to national security.


    1. I wish I had a witty reply, but the TSA really does suck the humor and fun out of everything... :(

  2. When it comes to Femdom and airlines - who can forget Deltalina? Always one of my favorites...

    1. Somehow, *I* had actually forgotten Deltalina. No upgrade for me... :(