Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Perils of Labeling, Part I

You know you’ve hit a certain age when you can no longer keep up with the various terms and labels for the seemingly ever-increasing diversity of human sexuality, at least when it comes to the exponentially multiplying number of current terms and labels. For me, that downward slide began the first time someone identified himself to me as a “primal.”

I had no idea what the hell he was talking. And I’m still not quite sure even now.

You know you’re hitting a very certain age when your seven-years-younger, more-clued-in-than-you-ever-were wife also starts having trouble keeping up with the various exponentially multiplying terms and labels, too. She’s still doing better than I am, though. And definitely better than Danny DeVito:

Part of me suspects many of the people using these new terms and labels don’t quite know what they actually mean, either. And that some just want to have their own, “cooler” term for something my generation knew by a different name.

Then again, I am of a certain age...


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    1. These days, I'm honestly torn between not even trying to keep up any longer and coming up with my own, even more obscure terms.

  2. This made me smile greatly and I am totally with you, as a relative newcomer to the delights of sex I do not even attempt to understand old terms and labels let alone the new. In fact yesterday I got so fed up of seeing NSFW on blogs believing that there can't be that many bloggers in New South Wales in Australia that I googled it, and was shameful to say that the answer was quite simple! The only website I would view at work is the good old biased BBC so I am safe!

    1. I've now spent a full 20 minutes coming up with what the "F" in "New South F... Wales" might stand for!