Friday, January 27, 2017

Something Special Wasn’t Quite as Special as I’d Thought

Be a kinkster long enough to reach a certain age, and you get used to the typical cycle that happens with a new kink, or partner, or toy. First, the excited anticipation. Then, the thrills of early success. And after that, the inevitable bumps in the road.

In the end, my experience with the Ghost 300 from Custom Chastity was like that.

Of the few issues that did eventually crop up, I’d actually expected most of them. The gap between the cage and the base ring, for example, would have been better at 13 mm rather than the 10 mm I’d ordered. So the beginnings of skin irritation I experienced in that area are on me. And inside the cage itself, the beginnings of skin irritation on the bottom of the shaft itself, just below the tip, also weren’t quite unexpected. Minor things, these two, and things that Custom Chastity’s later advice regarding gap size, lube, and “manscaping” would most likely take care of.

The main issue I hit turned out to be the design of the cage itself.

Rather than the “straight-line” design shown on their website, the cage I actually received has a pronounced curve on each side (much more sharp and pronounced than any of the other curves on it). Looking down on it from above, this gives an almost “manta ray” appearance. Very artistic, and very cool. As I learned later, this is apparently the new, standard design for the Medium-size Ghost cage. Hopefully, Custom Chastity will update that size-comparison photo and the other Ghost images to reflect this new design, or indicate that at least for the Medium, the Ghost you receive may differ from what you were looking at when ordering.

I actually do love the look of this design, and in all honesty, I still would have ordered and tried the Ghost even if I’d seen those side wings, not expecting the problem they turned out to be for me. That opening on each side is somewhat large, and while my length turned out to be a good fit, my girth is apparently a bit too wide for the Medium. So when any teasing or arousal happens, the attempted erection tries to push the shaft out through and around those openings—and those curved wings just start digging in, especially at the lowest part of each curve. The skin irritation at those locations was of a very different quality and degree than at the others I’ve mentioned, and I quickly realized this design would serious limit the usability of my Ghost 300 to a only day or two at a time.

Not what I was hoping for, obviously. Especially given the price I had paid.

Not surprisingly, this led to a good deal of back and forth with Custom Chastity. The Ghost is an extremely well-constructed product, no question, and the Internet has no lack of people reporting great success with their Custom Chastity products, especially the truly "custom" devices. And it’s entirely possible that my contact at Custom Chastity and I had very different communication styles. Either way, I found the correspondence increasingly frustrating.

Questions needed to be asked more than once before getting an answer, it seemed. The issue of the curved design (the major comfort/wearbility issue for me) also seemed to be dismissed at first, with the comment that nobody else had ever complained. After asking for and reviewing pictures of the cage’s fit on me, their advice (the lube and manscaping mentioned above) ignored the issue with the curves as well, while saying the fit itself looked fine. Two e-mails later, they finally acknowledged my problem with those curves (reiterating that I was the first and only customer to complain about them) and explained it was in fact a girth/fit issue.

To their credit, Custom Chastity did offer to produce a truly custom cage for me at a reduced price. I eventually declined, though, partly out of it simply not being practical for me to spend another large sum so soon after having just spend one, and partly out of frustration with how things had been handled. No one who pays any company more than $200 for something wants to feel like their major problem with the product is either being dismissed (as I felt happened at the start) or ignored (as I felt happened in their advice). Especially when the original design still shown on their website may well have mitigated the issue and provided more wearability.

In the end, I can’t really recommend a Custom Chastity device, given my own experience. But I also can’t really not recommend one, either, given the obvious quality construction of their products and the success and good experiences others I know have had. I may well be an outlier here, or just a bad customer/supplier match versus their usual clientele. That does happen, sometimes.

And unfortunately.


  1. Whine whine whine. You're not supposed to enjoy it, you know.

    What does Herself think of all of this messing about?

    1. Herself Then: "Whine whine whine. Just go ahead and drop the money on one of those more expensive cage you've been thinking about for so long."

      Herself Now: "Well, that was kind of disappointing, wasn't it?"

    2. This is o en of the reasons that I maintain that chastity devices are fun sex toys. You can either buy a $130 CBxxxx, or a $35 Chinese device and play with them, or you can buy a $2,500 Latowski that's going to be completely customized and form fitted. There's nothing in between.

      I happen to be handy with tools, and have the means to modify some of my devices. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for the average user to go from "Hey, that was fun last weekend," to "OMG, why can't I wear this for more than 2 weeks?" Or the constant search, trying one device after another. You'd think that 3D printing might be an answer, but without some kind of custom fitting, it's still the same problem.

      And even then, you don't know how things will hold up after a while. I have a Fort, which is a stainless steel clone of a CB3000. I modified my CB3k so I could wear it for weeks on end. The Fort, even though it's identical, is more difficult, simply because it weighs 4 times as much.

    3. Can't argue with a word you wrote, Tom.

      If nothing else, I at least have a device I can wear repeatedly, if occasionally, for a day or so at time. That's more than I had before, at least.

    4. Because I have nothing better to do in the cold, snowy New England winters, I just bought a couple more of those Chinese stainless steel devices, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to fineigle them into something both comfortable and convenient. I really do not relish the idea of spending $350 on a custom metal device, only to send it back for more modifications a month later.

      I really need to take a welding class...

    5. I hear you, Tom. I'm back in the mental circle of "Do I sink that next couple hundred dollars into a badly wanted sex toy or into a badly needed home improvement?"

      There's a "gentrifying my junk" joke in there somewhere, but I don't have enough coffee in me to even attempt making it right now...