Thursday, January 12, 2017

Something Special Is Being Worn

It took a few days, but I’m finally wearing the Ghost 300 from Custom Chastity. The wait was worth it, too, and not just because that dinner with old friends involved a lot of hugging and lifting people off the ground. The Ghost is the least obvious cage I’ve ever worn, but hugs would still have been a giveaway.

With 16 hours under my belt (so to speak), the Ghost puts every Chinese knock-off I’ve ever worn to shame. And probably the more expensive cages I haven’t tried, too, or so I’d wager. First off, it’s light and comfortable. My range of motion is almost completely unrestricted (depending on how tight my jeans are), and with very little pinching or pulling. I’m aware of the Ghost, but not in the same way I’ve been with a heavier metal device. Gravity can be a bitch with those, especially when sleeping. I always had to wear boxer-briefs to bed with those, just for the support to keep that weight from shifting rather uncomfortably, and uncontrollably each time I did. The Ghost was fine with just loose sleep pants.

Did I mention this thing is light and comfortable?

It’s also extremely effective, as I learned last night when my wife decided to put it to the test. Or just make use of it. And me. The sizing of the cage let me have just enough of an erection to remind me (constantly) of what I was missing. Admittedly, having been on the “honor system” for most of our contract made last night (and then this morning, yes) a very different experience for me. I’d be lying if I said I knew how much of the extra charge was Ghost-specific and how much was simply from being caged again and left frustrated and denied once she was satisfied and done with me.

Probably a mix. But the Ghost was definitely in that mix.

Sleeping was a much easier experience than I’d expected, too. The times I did wake up were the times my body really, really wanted an erection and I was frustrated as hell. But the experience was more sexual denial rather than denial plus outright physical discomfort from the cage. There was discomfort, true, but the kind I actually wanted. Good pain, not bad.

The cage design made hygiene in the shower easy as well. I did notice one spot on the outside of the cage near the tip seemed a bit rougher afterward. I honestly don’t know whether that’s something I didn’t notice at the start or my own fault for having the hair dryer set on medium rather than low. So far, that’s my only complaint—and I’m not even sure it actually is a complaint yet. [ETA: That actually is part of the layering construction/design of the cage that I simply hadn’t noticed earlier. And the inside of that area is perfect. So no problem, issue, or complaint here. At all.—Declan]

So for now, so far so good. And for the next week or so, it’ll come off once a day to check the skin and such, but this trial overnight was successful enough that I handed all of the keys to my wife this morning.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” I told her, with as much seriousness as I could muster. “And great opportunity for abuse of authority. So come to the Dark Side. Our women have more orgasms.”

Then we both tried not to laugh.


  1. ...and our men have fewer.

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life.