Friday, November 18, 2016

“Cosplay Showcase: Yaya Han”

Among my many varied yet overlapping kinks is a serious cosplay fetish. Especially anything involving Yaya Han:

Admittedly, in some gaming and/or fandom quarters these days, you’re not supposed to admit to being physically attracted even to overtly sexy and alluring cosplays (or cosplayers) and are told to limit yourself to the physical artistry of the costumes and the character channeling of the players. Unless we’re talking about my “switchness” being deeply toward one side or the other at any given time, though, I’ve never been much of an either/or kind of guy. And at least five or six new potential fantasy/erotic stories come to mind each time I watch this, let alone any of the many others out there.

Which means I should probably stop watching, I know, and start writing...

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