Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Literati at Dinner

Me: “You’re quiet.”

My Wife: “All I’ve got on my mind is gay porn.”

Me: “Ah, the porn-writing look. I’ve had that look.”

Her: “Like when you’re wondering what needs to go where?”

Me: “We’re talking about plot, right?”

Her: “...Maybe.”

Me: [laughing] “Yeah, okay, I know what you mean. And should there be an orgasm here, or is it better for the flow of the story if it happens later?”

Her: “Well, my characters always have multiples.”

Me: “I thought you said this was gay porn.”

Her: “They do other things while they refract.”

Me: “I love it when you talk sexy science. What are you writing, exactly?”

Her: “More Fallout.”

Me: “But of course.”

Her: “Shut up! It’s Elder Maxson of the Brotherhood of Steel and a male Sole Survivor. But everyone is a lawyer in an alternate universe.”

Me: “They’re all lawyers?”

Her: “In a class-action battle against the Institute.”

Me: “So does that mean everyone who was kidnapped by the Institute and replaced by synths ends up with $1.27, and all the lawyers get new Mercedes?”

Her: “Spoilers!”

[Cross-posted with tweaks from Kepl3rian.]

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