Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Linkfest III

I, Kinkster: “An Open Letter to That Cunnilingus Post That’s Been Going Around Tumblr the Last Few Days

Pleasing Miss Pearl: “A BDSM Relationship Contract Like No Other

Dictatoress: “On the Real FinDom

Chaste Giles: “So Submissive You Give Up Your Submission? Why Meta Submission Is Horseshit

Domme Chronicles: “You Iz Doin’ It Wrong!

Grind’n’Throb: “That Tone of Voice

Vice: “‘Fuck for Satan’: The New Generation of Sex-Centric Tabletop RPGs

Femdom Resource: “90’s Flashback (Completed)

Mr. Eames: “Demeter Sows

Her Subject: “Birthday

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