Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Canon Conundrum, Part II

Me: “Shall we do that Fallout 4 role play tomorrow night?”

My Wife: “Yes! Yes! Tomorrow!”

Me: “Tomorrow.”

Her: “Yes!”

Me: “Oh, I am so going to put you through your paces and check your performance parameters for optimal efficiency, Synth WN-37.”

Her: “...”

Me: “What?”

Her: “Nothing.”

Me: “I just broke canon again, didn’t I?”

Her: “It’s just... WN-37... The Institute always puts a number after the first letter of it’s synth designations.”

Me: “You are such a Canon Nazi!”

Her: “Is that like the Soup Nazi?”

Me: “Yes! Exactly! But with fandom canon instead of soup!”

Her: “The Institute has food paste, not soup.”

Me: [screams]

Her: “Just make me W9-37 or something!”

Me: “I am so reprogramming you tomorrow night. Top to bottom, head to toe, reprogramming!”

Her: [smiling] “Promise?”

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