Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Postcoital Conversation about Steak and Orgasms

American Me: “Was I doing something wrong down there?”

My Canadian Wife: “No. Absolutely not. I was just impatient.”

Me: “I like an impatient woman.”

Her: “You like a woman with appetites.”

Me: “Give me my steak and orgasm, slave!”

Her: “That’s a very American thing to say.”

Me: “Hey, I know for a fact you have both steak and orgasms in Canada.”

Her: “Of course we do. We’re just more polite about demanding them.”

Me: “Excuse me, valued staff, but I would like a steak and an orgasm please, when you have a moment.”

Her: “You forgot the ‘sorry’ at the beginning.”

Me: “Eh?”

Her: “Oh, you are so going to pay for that one!”

Me: “Ow!”

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