Monday, August 1, 2016

Formative Kink: Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons was an awesome playground for all sorts of fetishes and kinks, especially in the campaigns I dreamed up and ran...

Tentacles. Succubi. Plant monsters. Bondage. You name it, I included it. There’s a reason the person who runs the game is called a “Dungeon Master,” after all.

Unfortunately, most of my junior high and then high school friends seemed rather relentlessly vanilla. And even if they actually were budding kinksters like myself, these cravings weren’t something we would have ever dared discuss. Peer pressure is strong even for teenage guys. So I kept these “interests” of mine as occasional flavoring to spice up and set apart the campaigns I wrote for us, and made sure not to show just how much more I enjoyed those portions of our games. (“Your campaigns are edgy, man!” one friend once told me. If he only knew...)

The campaigns I played on my own, however, were different beasts entirely. On a Venn diagram, they fell in the overlapping center of the choose-your-own adventure, kinky fan fiction, and waking wet dream circles. In those campaigns, I found myself captured and enslaved by Dominant Amazons, entangled and used by horny vegetation, drained of various vital life forces (and fluids) by dark demonesses, and enslaved by evil enchantresses. I also learned (repeatedly) that certain arrogant young wizards should heed a wiser master's warnings and just leave some spells well enough alone. It was like a pornographic Internet before the Internet even existed. It was Rule 34 before there even was a Rule 34. And I experienced all this without ever leaving my room—and, fortunately, without my mother ever walking in, because while she never bought into the whole “This game is Satanic and you’re going to go insane like that kid in that Mazes & Monsters book!” fervor of the 1980s, I doubt she would have approved of my particular storylines.

I haven’t played Dungeons & Dragons in years, even decades now. I’m still a gamer, though, even if mostly Fallout and Skyrim and the occasional Master of Orion-type galactic conquest game, at least when I can find a good turn-based one that lets me think through my moves rather than a real-time clickfest. And I still perv up these games, too, generally installing tens of kink, bondage, and other mods after finishing a vanilla play-through.

At some point, though, I need to learn how to create these mods myself. Because however great and kink-charged some of the currently available ones are, none is quite the perfect “kink fit” that my own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns were, back in my room when I was just a kid in puberty and worried my mother was going to come through that door...


  1. Did you ever try Dungeon Keeper 2? Not only did you get to be the bad guy, you got to build torture chambers in which dominatrix-style "dark mistresses " would torture creatures (or, if there were none to be had, themselves).

    Of course, it wasn't all about that. Regrettably.

    1. I *loved* Dungeon Keeper 2. And got in deep trouble over it with my then-girlfriend, who was very kink unfriendly and did not appreciate the zoomed-in dark mistresses running around my monitor. At all.

      It's a shame they never did a Dungeon Keeper 3. I gather the Overlord games are the closest thing to it today, but I haven't played either of those yet.