Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Before She Leaves, Part II

[Still at dinner, last Friday night...]

Me: “So if there’s a problem and the cage needs to come off for some reason, I call you, and you tell me where the key is, right?”

Her: “No.”

Me: “No?”

Her: “That’s not practical, and you know it. Cell phone reception and wi-fi are spotty on the Playa. Remember the last time? We could barely get hold of each other, and when we could, we could barely hear each other, the connection was so awful.”

Me: “But then—”

Her: “I’ll leave you a sealed envelope. Inside will be a letter telling you where in the house the key is.”

Me: “So ... wait a minute... you mean I can just take it off if I want?”

Her: “No.”

Me: “Again, no?”

Her: “No. I want to see how long you can have it on it because I want you to wear it for me, not because I’m making your wear it. So I expect you to resist the temptation I’m leaving with you. Understand?”

Me: “That’s... Wow... I mean...”

Her: “Answer my question without the commentary please.”

Me: “Yes... I mean... Yes, Ma’am.... I understand.”

Her: “Good. Now, as long as we’re still on the subject, I might be staying longer than the week I’d originally planned...”


  1. could be a very long week. or more?


    1. It's always a long week, or more, when she's away, cage or no cage. :(