Friday, July 22, 2016

The Canon Conundrum

This is what happens when two kinky writer/gamer/role players get obsessed with the same game at the same time, but one is much further along than the other...

Her: So any ideas for that Fallout role play?

Me: I have three.

Her: Three! Tell me.

Me: Well, you know how all the Vault shelters were actually experiments, right? What if there was this one that was all male-dom, a whole psychological kinkfest study? But the gender ratio got all screwed up in the centuries after the bombs fell, so  now they have to kidnap women to be their submissives and repopulate their ranks. Women like you. From that vault where you’ve been frozen for 200 years. That way we can still sort of role play the actual storyline but avoid the squickiness of that Kellogg guy.

Her: Good thinking.

Me: And frozen people are real easy to kidnap, too.

Her: Babe-sicles.

Me: Or, you’re a Railroad operative and I’m from the Institute. And of course I have to interrogate you to learn where you’ve helped all our runaway android synths escape to. Except I haven’t actually reached the Institute in the game yet, so I don’t know if I could make that canon enough for you. Because my wife loves her some canon.

Her: I dunno if the Institute has an intelligence arm.

Me: See?

Her: Hey!

Me: Their intelligence arm was Kellogg anyway.

Her: Oh. Squick. So what if I’m Railroad and you’re Brotherhood of Steel?

Me: See, I want to avoid that most of all. You know so much more about the Brotherhood because of all the fanfic you’ve been reading and writing. I’d just spend the whole time wondering if I’m getting all the little details right.

Her: Aw, man...

Me: [thinking] Although if you gave me any crap, I could always just say, “Hey, what weird alternate universe did you come from?”

Her: [laughing] That’s perfect!

Me: Okay. So you’re a Brotherhood scribe, and you found some unknown tech in the wasteland. But you don't know how to use it, and end up zapping yourself from the game canon universe to my parallel universe and kinky hotness ensues.

Her. Oh, yes. It will ensue...

[Cross-posted with revisions from Kepl3rian.]


  1. Just as long as you leave Dogmeat out of it.

    Ah, that reminds me. Very disappointed I was when the collars and similar pet gear I found could only be equipped on the dog.

    1. We don't even travel with Dogmeat as our companion in the game. Neither of us can bear the sounds he makes when he gets hurt. We just melt.

      As far as the collar and other pet gear, I'm sure there's a mod for that... :)