Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Sign of a Very Good Time

I know what you’re thinking. How do a Star Trek nightshirt and a hairbrush go together?

It just kind of happened, that particular night.

My wife and I do have a long-running role play set in the Evil Mirror Universe of the original Star Trek series, though. That particular series of scenes has literally spanned years, with a cast of characters, shifting alliances, and repeated betrayals that eventually grew so large and convoluted we could barely keep it all straight and, like the films, had to reboot the entire franchise. (Which we accomplished with far fewer plot holes than J.J. Abrams, thank you very much.)

What probably should have happened this particular night was that my wife’s Lt. T’lorr (a Vulcan, complete with ears, because we really are that nerdy) indulges her anthropological as well as archaeological passion for the precursors of the dreaded Agonizer. And my unnamed, newly assigned ensign finds himself “volunteered” as the experimental subject on which to test the effectiveness of various relevant artifacts in her rather extensive collection.

Her hairbrush would not survive. And neither would my unnamed ensign. Probably.

Crew turnover is a bitch on the I.S.S. Kinksterprise...


  1. Well I guess getting paddled by a Klingon would be worse than a ZVulcan, right?


    1. I wonder. A Klingon might at least be distractible in its warrior Domliness ("Look over there! It's another sub with no honor!"), but a cold, self-controlled Vulcan would just keep going no matter what!