Friday, April 8, 2016

10 Kink Facts About Me

1. For the last few weeks, my wife and I have been in a non-24/7 yet 24/7, sort-of Female-Led Relationship. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how all this finally came to pass, and every attempt to blog about it so far has been rambling, overlong, and unreadable. (I’ll keep trying.)

2. A few years ago, my wife and I were in a non-24/7 yet 24/7 Maledom relationship. It started out well, for both of us, but the boundaries between our kink and vanilla lives eventually got blurred. Neither of us wanted that, but it was valuable experience for what we’re trying to be now.

3. My wife and I met via Seriously. We did.

4. I once lived directly across the street from a professional dungeon. It was the greatest apartment ever.

5. With a few exceptions, I prefer the older Men in Pain to the newer Divine Bitches videos. But then I can still remember when actual VHS videocassettes were the future.

6. Tickling is my hardest of hard limits. Really. Tickle me intentionally, and I will end you.

7. I have a serious bridal gown fetish. Ironically, my wife wore pants to our own wedding.

8. Boots on a woman make me weak in more than just the knees, but those monstrous platform ones just kill the kink mood for me. I should be worrying about what she’s going do to me, but instead, I’m just waiting for her to lose balance and topple over, seriously injuring us both.

9. Whenever a new Fin-Domme I’ve never heard follows me on Twitter, my reaction is almost always “My God, I have nieces older than her!”

10. Unlike my wife, I never played in public until my (very) late 40s. She waited more than 10 years for me to be ready. I am a lucky man.

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