Friday, March 18, 2016

Pop Quiz: The NiteFlirt-Twitter Findom-Shout Complex

Choose the answer that best completes the following sentence: “Someone on Twitter just...”

A) ...received a tribute.

B) ...received a nice tribute.

C) ...received a hot tribute.

D) ...received a tribute and smiled.

E) ...received a tribute and got wet.

F) ...was made a favorite.

G) ...received another tribute.

H) ...received a sexy tribute.

I) ...received a sexy cash tribute.

J) ...received a $exy cash tribute.

K) ...received a $$$ cash tribute.

L) ...sold a hot file set.

M) ...received yet another tribute.

N) ...received a juicy tribute.

O) ...received a huge tribute.

P) ...received a fat tribute.

Q) ...received a phat tribute.

R) ...finished a call is ready for a tribute.

S) ...signed off but can still receive your tribute.

T) ...received a fat stack of bitcoin tribute.

U) ...offered to turn off her shouts...for a large enough tribute.

(Hint: Only #hopeless #losers need hints!)


  1. Some of us work hard for my poor feet with attest to after 4 hours in heels... :-)

    1. Very true! They do get a little surreal, though, when you're catching up on your Twitter stream and you see these one after another...after another... :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Lol. So I'm not the only one. Good to know.

  2. Never could figure the appeal of the Fin- Domme.


    1. If I had more money, I might be able to... :)

      Seriously, some of them are able to get inside the person's head and make the experience about several different things and buttons and levels all at once. I appreciate their appeal (and talent). The younger, "brattier," just-give-me-money-loser subset leaves me scratching my head, though.