Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Formative Kink: “Fantastic Voyage”

Fantastic Voyage was the ultimate Saturday afternoon movie for the young me. A Cold War story with dark European streets. A secret, underground military base housing not just a laboratory, but a superscience laboratory. A miniaturized submarine and crew injected into an injured defector to remove a blood clot in his brain. A ticking clock. That distinctively Leonard Rosenman score, because I already had a thing for film soundtracks even then. The great Donald Pleasance, who I will still watch in anything.

And, best of all, Raquel Welch...

...in a wet suit...

...attacked by constricting antibodies...

Not only did this scene push my bondage button—and my monstrous tentacle/killer plant fetish, which survives to this day—this may have been the first time my budding switch-hood made itself known. Earlier women in peril, or bondage, had given me a charge, yes, but more in a vanilla, “she’s so hot” kind of way. This, though, was something else enitrely.

I found myself torn between wanting to have those antibodies wrapped around and mummifying myself, and wanting to one of those men who were trying (hopefully in vain) to pull them off. Or, better yet, to somehow have control over a bodily dungeon of kinky immunosystem restraints, capturing and then toying with any shapely, miniaturized lab assistant who unwisely ventured my way.

I finally picked up a copy of the film on DVD a few years ago, on a double-feature disc that also included Irwin Allen’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Watching the whole film again, after so many years, it held up surprisingly well. But before that, I cued up the antibody scene.

Several times.

As a kink-charged experience, it held up surprisingly well, too, all those years later.


  1. very impressive recall of a scene that now comes back to me. But maybe I was not kinky enough then to fully appreciate all of the nuances.


    1. I was a strange boy, definitely... :)