Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Formative Kink: “Devil’s Planet”

There was a time when I thought this was the most breathtaking, dangerously button-pushing Femdom footage that I would ever see:

In my defense, I was 12 at the time.

I had already had a few “Formative Kink” experiences before this episode of Space: 1999 aired, but “Devil’s Planet” was something different. Julie Newmar had sometimes carried a whip as Catwoman on Batman, but these women actually used them. (Sort of.) A lot. (Also sort of.) And Diana Rigg while had exposed me to various shades of Femdom couture as Emma Peel on The Avengers, this was seriously hard-frakkin’-core, man.

For a 12-year-old.

In the 1970s.

“Devil’s Planet” had it all. Spaceships. Space Amazons. Space Prison Play. A Space Amazon Wardeness who used her inmates for her own pleasures. Rebellious Space Subbies who needed a Good Sci-Fi Whipping. Sure, they weren’t exactly the MordSith from Legend of the Seeker, but what was back then? (Or now, unfortunately?)

So my young eyes were glued to the TV, deathly afraid that my mother would walk in and recognize the dirty, shameful secret I was finally, truly discovering that very hour. Because I wanted to be there, on that moon they still for some reason called a planet, under their heels and their whips and their ponytails coming out of whatever those fake gold helmet-like things they were wearing really were.

And I still do, even today. I just might need a few minutes to stop giggling, and get back into that feeling I understand so well today but was only just beginning to recognize back then, let alone grapple with.

Time to go watch the full episode on YouTube...

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