Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bow to the Meme

or, “Your Typical Baiting Fetlife Rant About, You Know, Those People, Who Are Nothing At All Like The Ranter... Really...”

Honestly, I cannot believe how many people here are unaware of the Overgeneralized StereotypeTM meme. It’s like they’re all still on dial-up or something. But even so, the Internet’s not that big a place, is it? It’s like they’re actively avoiding all my favorite websites, which just proves my point about Internet culture. Get a cable modem and more free time, people!

And what’s with these people acting like I made up this meme I posted? It’s a meme! But just because I use it in a journal entry to make my point doesn’t mean I should have to defend it! Besides, if it weren’t true, then it wouldn’t even be a meme. That’s how memes happen, because they’re true, which is why you can believe them. Not like that whole “It’s true ‘cause it’s in the Bible” thing, which is completely different. So keep your dogma away from me! I’m thinking for myself here! (With memes!)

And what’s with these people expecting me to be clear in my journal writing? It’s my journal. I can be murky if I want. I am so sick of Society and its Expectations that writers be clear in their wording, just so readers can know what the writer is actually trying to say. I don’t play that game, Society! Besides, it’s a meme! So what if it may actually confuse many readers about what I’m really trying to say, or they don’t even know that it’s a meme? They should Google it, in case it might be a meme, and not expect me to make my point in any clear and cogent manner. But again, that just proves my point about Internet culture. (What’s this? Another form rejection? Clueless editors who can’t read! Somebody ought to start a meme!)

Okay, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten quite as many Love It’s and comments—especially offended comments—if I’d only changed a word or two in the name of the meme. Maybe the name really is kind of broad and needlessly scoops up a whole bunch of decent people, too. Then again, if they really were decent people, they’d agree with me! So there! No rewrites, nitpickers! First draft is the best draft! Besides, don’t you know being offended is my thing? And there’s just so much to be offended by here on Fetlife. I can spend hours logged in, just sitting here being offended, especially by the widespread ignorance regarding memes, which is damn near medieval on this site. You can’t change a meme, people! Because if you do, then it’s no longer a meme. It’s just an overgeneralized stereotype, which is hurtful and insensitive. I hate stereotypes, and Fetlife is just full of them. It’s so offensive! But with the Overgeneralized StereotypeTM, it’s no longer offensive and hurtful, it’s a meme, and therefore valid and awareness-raising! Those Initial Caps and that superscript TM really do make all the difference. Besides, the people who already know about the Overgeneralized StereotypeTM and agree with it might not know what I’m talking about if I just start throwing around one more overgeneralized stereotype stated in my own words, right? And those are the people I’m really writing for. I mean, I just don’t get what everyone else is doing here anyway. Fetlife used to be so great before all these other people started filling up the place with their offensive stereotypes and not-okay kinks, am I right? I mean, come on! Stop doing it all wrong, people!

Yeah, better I just put up with all the offended comments from people who Don’t Get It (hey, that should be a meme!), or who actually do see my point in general but think I’m intentionally Stirring The Pot (another meme!) by pushing it all way too far. I mean, sometimes you need to Stir The PotTM to bring the unpleasant truth up to the surface. Otherwise, how can you show everyone else that you’re right and they’re wrong? Like that time with the neighbor’s dog. Sure, it always acted nice when its owners were around, and even when they weren’t. It had the entire neighborhood fooled, but not me. So I poked it. And I kept on poking, until that dog finally showed its true colors and bit me. That was when I learned Truth Hurts (another one! look at me!), but it also just proved my point about dog culture. Yes, the neighbors did offer to build a bigger and better fence to keep me out of their yard, and even one without holes to keep me from poking their dog at all hours of the day and night, but that just proved my point about suburban culture. Weren’t they just awful, treating me with all that fake concern and respect? Nobody knows the First World Problems I’ve seen.

Man, I really hate Dog OwnersTM. And people who can’t see other human beings as individuals and just slot them into stereotypes instead.

What’s this? Another comment? Clueless readers, how many times do I have to tell them it’s not a stereotype, it’s a meme?!

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